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This product is a new type of green fuels produced by our company. It is non-toxic, small in size, high in calories, strong in firepower, portable, safe to use and long-term storage Above) and long-distance transport and other characteristics. The main supply army and the harsh conditions of the border troops to use, and outdoor survival, camping, military training, long-distance hiking, exploration, barbecue, rescue, family, scientific research, navigation, fisheries, construction sites, hiking and other places, Barbecue and field workers preferred source of heat.

First, the product description

1. specifications: small box: 45x45x11mm;

Weight: 25 ± 2g / block;

Packing: 49x49.5x12 (or according to customer's requirement);

2. Product packaging: the inner package is a transparent plastic bag sealed package. 8 pcs / pouch, 1 pouch / box, net weight 200 pcs per box; 100 pcs per carton, net weight 20 kg, carton packaging. (Or according to customer requirements).

3. Burning time: 20g fuel can burn 15-25 minutes, strong fire, the flame temperature up to 600 ° C, smokeless tasteless, non-toxic harmless, no residue after burning, can cook 250 grams of rice or 1 kg of water. To burn the part, the next can continue to use.

4. Hardness: hard (like compressed biscuits).

Second, matters needing attention

Not edible, not mixed with food, placed in a place not accessible to children should be stored at room temperature, pay attention to fire, moisture, away from the fire.

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